At EMS, we understand that there is more to the world of successful utility management than simply staffing the facility with experienced operators.  In addition to contract operations and laboratory services, EMS provides a wide array of supporting project management and consulting services that provide for comprehensive oversight of each utility:


•  Operations troubleshooting

•  Plant startup services

•  Onsite operator training

•  Influent and effluent loading studies including composite sampling and laboratory analyses

•  Watershed field monitoring, laboratory analyses, and implementation of the watershed management plan

•  Customer and regulatory agency liaison services including permit acquisition, modifications and renewals, reporting, consent orders, trust indenture and trustee referrals, and compliance with local health department and Georgia EPD guidelines

•  Cost analysis and technical/design review analysis for new plants, upgrades and investment priorities of existing plants and decommissioning of old wastewater treatment facilities

•  Assistance to engineers and developers on technology selection

•  RFP preparation and administration for plant expansions, upgrades and replacements

•  Sewer inspection services and oversight for new tap inspection for sewer customers

•  Oversight of upgrades and/or decommissioning of wastewater treatment facilities

•  Procurement services as needed for additional vendors to support operations

•  stablished network of outside contractors and engineers





Did you know? EMS provides utility management services for several onsite community systems utilizing STEP technology.  EMS works with design engineers and developers to select the optimal technology for the project, installs homeowner STEP systems, provides annual STEP system inspections, maintenance and repairs and is on-call 24/7 to respond to any homeowner issues that may arise.

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