EMS’ operators have over 200 years’ collective experience in utility operations and management.  Our commitment to providing knowledgeable, technically proficient utility management is demonstrated by the fact that approximately 90% of our operators are Class I or Class II certified.

EMS’ contract operations department provides professional turn-key utility management services to dozens of private and municipal wastewater and potable water facilities located throughout Georgia.  While our family-owned company has expanded over the years, EMS continues to provide the same level of personalized service that is customized to each client based on their individual needs and resources, whether a subdivision HOA, a commercial shopping center or a regional treatment facility serving thousands of customers.  Contact us to see how EMS can partner with you in providing exceptional project management services for your utility, including:

• Private and municipal utility management

• Staffing and management of wastewater and potable water treatment plants, collection systems, LAS, onsite sewer systems, reuse and discharge systems

• Residential, commercial and industrial wastewater management

• School systems, mobile home communities, resorts, summer camps, golf course communities, shopping centers, churches, regional treatment facilities, onsite community systems, etc.

• Lift stations and pump stations ranging from 1 HP to 400 HP in size

• Proficiency in a wide variety of wastewater/water treatment technologies, including membrane bioreactors (MBR), sequencing batch reactors (SBR), oxidation ditch, fixed-bed trickling filters, extended aeration package plants, sand filters, surface and sub-surface drip disposal, Dissolved Air Flotation, waste stabilization ponds, low pressure sewer systems, Septic Tank Effluent Pump (STEP) systems and many more

• Plant rehabilitation including abandoned and improperly managed facilities

• Flexibility in providing certified operator labor, ranging from facilities requiring once-per-quarter visitation to those requiring multiple full-time operators

• STEP system installation and annual maintenance inspections

• Sludge dewatering, disposal and biosolids management

• Third-party septage and sludge processing and disposal



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